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Haerae Co., Ltd. is a young company with a goal to innovate the textile product manufacturing industry. The greatest benefit of Haerae’s screen printing is that it enables vivid colors, and clear shapes and images.

Even though the MOQ is relatively high, we still enable our clients to customize premium quality fabrics at competitive price. We print using reactive dye with high-quality PFD fabrics, and then wash, steam, tenter, and sanforize to achieve superior results. Get superior textile prints without the hassle!


Haerae Textile (Fabric printing) https://www.haeraetextile.com
Haerae Spot (Fabric Inspection) https://www.haeraespot.com


HaeraeTextile Co., Ltd.
Data-Biz Office, DyeTec, 92, Dalseocheon-ro, Seo-gu, Daegu, Repulic of Korea

Haerae Spot Co., Ltd.
29, Waryong-ro 70-gil, Seo-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea

Haerae USA
651 N Broad St, Suite 206, in the city of Middletown, Delaware, USA

Price List - Screen Printing

Base Fabric + Screen Printing Processing
- Valid until Dec 31th 2021
Screen Printing Item 1000~2999yds 3000yds~
MOQ - 1000 yds/design 3000 yds/design
ORGANIC 20 Cotton Quilting $2.80 Contact Us
Normal 20 Cotton Quilting $2.50 Contact Us
** Per yard price ** Double and Rolling (+0.15usd/yd)
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Terms of Business

Average Leadtime

20 working days

for sampling

30 working days

for bulk production




Wire Transfer



Air Express


How It Works

The most skilled sales representatives, textile experts and designers are ready to help you out.
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1Placing an order
Submit your order with a 300dpi PSD file. We will review and confirm the file.
* A seamless pattern should be repeatable on a 24" screen. * Available for a maximum of 16 colors
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2Making a sample
Prior to production, we create and ship a sample for your approval.
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3Producing fabrics
Once we receive your approval, we will produce fabrics that match the sample.
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4Inspecting fabrics
We will carefully inspect each yardage with 4-point system and improve upon the quality.
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5Payment & Shipping
We pack your fabrics using high-quality materials and ship worldwide.


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) - certified by Control Union B.V

Global Recycled Standard (GRS) - certified by Control Union B.V

Pattern Design Service

Haerae understands the value of design. We have a firm commitment to safeguarding your privacy and your supplied designs. At no time will Haerae share, publish, reuse, market, or sell customer-supplied designs without the explicit request from you, the customer, to do so.

Free Design Archive

We have pattern design archive that includes over 1,000 patterns which are legally licensed.
You can choose what you want among simple, natural, animal, geometric patterns for free.

haerae free pattern 1
haerae free pattern 2
haerae free pattern 3
haerae free pattern 4
haerae free pattern 5
haerae free pattern 6
haerae free pattern 7
haerae free pattern 8
haerae free pattern 9
haerae free pattern 10
haerae free pattern 11
haerae free pattern 12
Feel free to contact us to access the archive.

Simple Sewing Serivce

Making clothes is much more complicated than you might think. It generally starts with writing an order sheet that includes a technical drawing. Are you confused as to where to start? Don't worry! We can help you get going with everything from fabric sourcing to CMT.

Simple Sewing Image

Design Creation Service

In case you cannot find any of patterns you like and have specific needs to create your own textile pattern, we can also help. Our in-house designer will consult you to create your own pattern design.

Pattern Drawing Image

Quality control in Haerae Spot

Haerae Spot is renowned throughout South Korea for our distribution expertise. While you work on high-level marketing campaigns, we will take care of your warehousing, inspection, completion, and logistics needs.

haeraespot building image
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haeraespot image 2
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Free Inspection Services

After fabric production, we will thoroughly inspect your fabrics to ensure you get only the finest quality products.

  • 4-point inspection process
  • Removing holes and large defects
  • Painting to make improvements
  • Video report
  • Online inspection report

Double and Rolling (+0.15usd/yd)

Do you need to double and roll your fabrics? Haerae Spot is pleased to offer D&R services, and uses the highest-quality and most innovative equipment on the market. Any quantity per bolt is available at very reasonable price.

Export Packing Service

Our exporting and packing services use high-quality materials to prevent damage throughout the shipping process.

Inspection video report

In addition to providing you with receipts and documentation, we offer video reports so that you can actually see the quality of the fabrics you’re shipping.

3PL Service

We provide the most suitable space to meet your needs and manage your inventory.We pack your fabric and ship it to the address you provide. We provide you with inventory and logistics information through RESTful APIs.

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Haerae Co., Ltd. is a young company with a goal to innovate the textile product manufacturing industry.

We provide all in one service in the textile fashion industry such as design licensing and fabric/textile product manufacturing services to provide solutions tailored to the needs of each customer.

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  • E-mail: info@haerae.com
  • Tel : +82-53-357-7789
  • Haerae Co.,Ltd.

    Data-Biz Office, DyeTec, 92, Dalseocheon-ro, Seo-gu, Daegu, Repulic of Korea

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