Design Guideline

Be informed of this information before you upload your file.

We provide a design modification service for those who are unfamiliar with Photoshop.

Design file formats

There are two design file formats for fabric printing.
1) Pattern design file and 2) panel design file.
what is pattern design image

What is a pattern design file?

This is a design file used for making universal patterned fabrics that repeat patterns on fabric.
what is panel design image

What is a panel design file?

This is a single image pattern that is printed on the whole piece without repetition. This is a design file used to create fabric posters, patterns, etc.

Pattern design file guideline

For pattern print, you need to upload a one-repeat pattern file that repeats seamlessly top-bottom and left-right.
one repeat pattern design image

What is a one-repeat pattern?

A pattern that repeats seamlessly when the design pattern is connected up-down, left-right.
pattern design print area image

Pattern design fabric print area

The one-repeat pattern is printed by repeating up, down, left and right within 'the cuttable width of the fabric x order quantity (in yards)'.
pattern repeating image

What is the correct pattern design?

When the one-repeat pattern is connected up-down, left-right, there should be no misalignment.
The ratio of the one-repeat pattern doesn't need to be 1:1 (square).

Even small pixel misalignments lead to poor results. Make sure to zoom in to check meticulously if the one-repeat pattern connects smoothly.
pdf pattern converting in PSD image

Notes on converting AI files to PSD files

When importing an AI or PDF file into a Photoshop program,
1) Select Crop to: ‘Bounding box’
2) Make sure to uncheck the Anti-aliased check box.
Incorrect settings will create a design file that is not suitable for printing.

Panel design file guideline

Since panel designs are printed without repetition, a single image file must be uploaded. After checking the cuttable width of the fabric you want to print, you need to create a design file according to that size.
one repeat pattern design image

Panel design fabric print area

The panel design is printed by repeating up and down according to 'the cuttable width of the fabric x the length of the fabric (in yards)'. The maximum vertical length of a panel design file that can be uploaded is 2.5 yards.
tenter pin image

What is the cuttable width of the fabric?

During the printing process, pin markers are left on the fabric selvedge. Areas with pin markers cannot be used, so 1 inch from the selvedge is used. The width that can actually be used, excluding a total of 2 inches from the fabric width, is called the cuttable width.

Notes on uploading files

one repeat pattern design image

1. Only PSD files can be uploaded. (JPG, TIFF, AI files cannot be uploaded)

2. Make sure to merge all layers of the PSD file into one layer.

3. 300dpi for PSD file resolution is recommended.

4. Make sure to set the PSD file color mode to RGB Color.

5. The one-repeat pattern must be smoothly connected up-down, left-right.

6. The maximum vertical length of the panel design file is 2.5 yards.

*For design files that do not meet the above conditions, the print will be suspended and we will ask for a modification.

bg layer image

How to flatten image.

Top menu in Photoshop-Layer-‘Flatten Image’, all layers in the file will be merged into one layer.
mode changing image

How to change to the RGB Color mode

Top menu in Photoshop-Image-Mode-RGB Color, the file color mode is changed to RGB .

Fabric printing process

printing process image

The design file will be verified by the person in charge before printing.
If the file is not suitable for printing, we will ask you for a modification.
However, if a defect occurs due to a file problem that the person in charge missed, rework or refund is not available.
Make sure to check the file thoroughly before uploading.

Design modification service

If you can't modify a file due to unfamiliarity with Photoshop or pattern work, we provide a design modification service for a fee.
There are two design modification service packages, Deluxe and Premium.
For this service, please contact


Price : $50

Service provided :
Flatten image
Change extension
RGB Color mode conversion
Adjusting the size of the one-repeat pattern


Price : $200

Service provided :
Motive rearrangement in one-repeat pattern
Modification of the repeated part of the one-repeat pattern
Change the one-repeat pattern color
*up to 3 colors, additional color $20
Selvedge production
Flatten image
Change extension
RGB Color mode conversion
Adjusting the size of the one-repeat pattern

selvedge image

What is selvedge production service?

On the selvedge, you can display copyright information such as the color arrangement of design drawings, product information, fabric washing method, design/brand, etc.

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