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Organic 60 Cotton Satin

9.50 ~ 16.30 USD/YD

Qty Price
50 ~ 99 16.30 $ / yard
100 ~ 299 12.00 $ / yard
300 ~ 999 10.70 $ / yard
1000 ~ 9.50 $ / yard

Terms & Conditions


Customers may cancel their order within 3 hours upon receiving confirmation of the order from the Company. Otherwise, refunds are only available according to the stage of the order upon which time, the order was cancelled.

Unless the Company is implicitly notified of a debilitating accident or death, if the order has already been printed but has not yet been shipped, we will only refund the costs of shipping the order.

If the order has already been shipped, the entire amount is non-refundable.

In the rare case where there is a defect in the fabric after your shipping sample has been reviewed and confirmed, following the Company’s investigation into the defective fabric, the Company will only be able to compensate you based on the yardage or meterage of the defective fabric as determined by the Company’s investigation.

Any justifiable refund or exchange requests will be investigated or executed within one (1) day or twenty-four (24) hours, excluding any weekends or public holidays.

In any case, if after receiving your fabric, there is an indication that it has been sewn, cut, altered or changed in any way, the Company will not offer any refunds, order cancellations or any after service.


If an order quantity exceeds 50 yards per color, the Company will be obligated to send a 0.5 yard of shipping sample to the customer for their inspection, should the customer request it.

If an order exceeds 50 yards per color, and if an order is sent without the above shipping sample, any shipping costs for any other after service shall be charged to the customer, even if there is a fabric defect, whether the defect is deemed by the customer, or by the Company.

Color accuracy can only be matched to fabrics printed by the Company. For the purposes of digital printing, any other references to color accuracy on the fabric will be considered null and void if not printed by the Company.


In the event where dyeing or screen printing is chosen as the preferred method, prior to production, a customer will have two (2) opportunities, provided by the Company to the customer, as a sign of goodwill, to view their “strike off” – which is the customer’s chosen fabric and design, printed by hand and using screens or being hand-dyed.

A “strike off” is a sample of fabric that has been printed to a customer’s requirements, so that the customer is able to inspect and agree if the manufactured fabric(s) meets the minimum requirements, before agreeing to the full order being printed or manufactured by the Company.

Note that unlike the actual, fully manufactured fabric(s), these strike offs may look and feel different.

This is because the strike offs are considered as samples, and should only be used to determine and screen the color(s) and/ or the design of the fabric during the pre-manufacturing stage.

Following the second (2) strike off, should a customer have any further requests for any additional samples, a surcharge shall be imposed for each additional request, which may be between USD $50-$100 for manufacturing, and which excludes any shipping costs that should be covered by the requestor.

In the event where the customer chooses dyeing or screen printing, when comparing or resolving such issues regarding colors printed on the fabric, the Company can only match colors to substantial things such as a reference to a pantone chip or to an actual fabric sample, which the customer should provide, rather than referencing any digital print samples or colors, which the Company will not acknowledge, unless said sample is printed by the Company digitally.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused due to this.


After your payment has been processed by the Company’s payment provider, it will not be possible to change your shipping country.

Should you require any adjustments to your country of shipping and/ or, should your shipping method change prior to your fabric manufacture, please contact the Company directly, or to the person in charge of your order as soon as possible.

The estimated time of delivery is subject to vary by up to one (1) month, or thirty (30) days - whichever is longer. Any delays caused by any external courier services used and/ or by any such other third-parties are not the Company’s responsibility, and the customer shall not hold the Company liable to such delays.

Following an order by a customer, and once the manufacture of such fabric(s) and design(s) has been confirmed by the customer, should the delivery date exceed one (1) month, or thirty (30) days - whichever is longer - the Company shall, as a sign of goodwill, extend the following provisions to the customer.

The Company shall provide to the customer, excluding the time required for sending and/ or receiving shipping, compensation of up to 0.2% (0.002) of the price of the entire fabric and printing order made by the customer, excluding any shipping costs, on a per day basis, until delivery to the customer’s shipping address has been confirmed to the Company by the shipping provider.


sheer shirts one-piece handkerchief bedding scarf non stretch less flow to good drape less glossy to glossy digital printing cushion baby clothing GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Product Details

Fiber Content 100% Cotton
Weight 159gram/yd, 109gram/m2
Thread Count 190 / 103
Width 58.0 inch

Product Description

As a satin woven with 60'S organic cotton, it has a good gentle gloss, so it is mainly used for bedding.

In cotton fiber, 1'S means when 840 yards of thread is pulled out of 1 pound of cotton. So 60'S means 840x60 yards of thread. Satin is a fabric constructed by floating three warp yarns across the weft, which makes it denser than the plain weave crossed one by one or twill crossed by two. Fine diagonal lines create gloss to create a luxurious feeling. 

Cotton is a natural fiber extracted from the cotton plant. It is soft to the touch, comfortable, and has excellent absorbency. In addition, it is used most widely because it has many advantages such as excellent fastness, dyeing properties, and easy management.



Certified by Control Union


What is Organic DTP?


Unlike general printing, it is produced in accordance with certain standards in an organically certified processing facility throughout all processing for fabric production, such as cotton cultivation, raw fabric knitting/weaving, printing, and tenter.


We use raw fabric woven from cotton grown with seeds that have not been genetically modified in soil that has not used for pesticides or chemical fertilizers for 3 years. Haerae is using high-quality organic raw fabrics imported from India for organic DTP.


What is GOTS Certification?


The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an international standard for defining the regulations needed to provide reliable information to consumers which includes harvesting of raw materials, environmental and social responsibility, and certification labels.


For work where water and chemicals are used, very tight standards are applied to manufacture textile products that are less harmful to the environment and to the human body. In addition, there are standards for wastewater treatment from wet processes for environmental sustainability. As it has solidified its position as a certification system that presents a direction that is beneficial to both humans and nature, more domestic and foreign brands are participating.

** Care instruction **


Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle, Only Non-chlorine bleach if needed, Line Dry, Warm Iron if needed

Shipping & Delivery (Organic Digital Printing)


1. Your order will be shipped within following days

- 0.5YD Sample within 10 business days

- Over 50YDS within 15 business days


2. Prior to production, we offer and ship a sample for color approval. It is free service for our customers and available twice only. Note, for order cancellation after sampling, the bulk charge will be refunded without sample fee (20USD per design/color)


3. Your order will be shipped via DHL/Fedex/UPS. Orders over 700kg will be shipped via vessel under Incoterms 2020 CPT condition to your country's terminal. If you want to use other courier, air freight or ocean freight or if you want to know how much shipping cost will be, please contact us before you place an order.


4. Please read thoroughly Refund Policy if you need to return your shipment due to fabric defect or shipping issue.

5. Duty/tax will be charged to importer, according to the law of the importer's country

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