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    Only Processing
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    D.T.P with Reactive Dye (Processing Only)

  • MOQ - Price
    1 YD - 14.00 ~ 2.60 USD/yd
  • Average Lead Time
    14 Days
  • Processing Features & Order Process


    Digital printing is suitable for small orders and designs featuring many colors.
    Our digitally-printed fabrics are soft to the touch, because we print fabric designs using reactive dyes.
    Post-print, we process wash our fabrics to remove impurities. Next, we steam, tenter, and sanforize to minimize shrinkage and preserve the integrity of the design.

    To place an order:  

    1. Submit your order with a 300dpi PSD or Ai Vector seamless image file.
        1-1. To ensure color-matching, please use our fabric color chart for digital printing.
        1-2. Note, the maximum repeatable length is 2.5 yards.
    2. Prior to production, we create and ship a sample for your approval (receipt will take 7 – 10 business days).
    3. Once we receive your approval, we will fill you order (allow for another 10 – 13 business days).
    4. We will then carefully inspect and inform you about the total output (up to a 10% tolerance).

    Pricing for fabric provided by clients

    USD per yard, EX-Work (Seoul, Korea) including processing costs only.
    Orders below 30 yards: 100 USD (sample charge) + (Price [1-29yds] x yardage). Note, the sample charge will be refunded for orders over 30 yards.
    We request that our clients provide fabric by the roll. During the manufacturing process, approximately 10% loss will be applied.

    For digital printing only, our charge is based on the total amount of fabric. For example, if you place an order of 100 yards and 5 designs using 100% cotton sheeting (30Sx30S 68x68), the price is 5.50 USD/yd. To secure this deal, each design must be at least 30 yards.

  • Pricing

    • Sample Fee : Below 30yds : 100.00USD
    • 1 - 29 yds : 14.00USD/yd
    • 30 - 99 yds : 8.20USD/yd
    • 100 - 299 yds : 5.00USD/yd
    • 300 - 499 yds : 3.20USD/yd
    • 500 - 999 yds : 2.60USD/yd
    • 1000 - yds : 2.60USD/yd
  • Optional Post-Treatments Availale at Extra Cost