100% Cotton 30S x 30S 68 x 68 56inch 112g/sqm Sheeting -  Dyeing  Image
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  • Material
    100% Cotton 30S x 30S 68 x 68 56inch 112g/sqm Sheeting
  • Processing


  • MOQ - Price
    1000 YD - 2.70 USD/YD
  • Average Lead Time
    45 Days
  • Material Description

    Given that it is slightly thinner than our 20-count plain weave fabric and slightly see-through, this is a perfect material for sewing light dresses and shirts for spring and autumn.

  • Usages

    dress shirt curtain quilt sewing
  • Processing Features & Order Process


    We provide unlimited beaker test (BT) samples to ensure perfect color-matching.
    Despite the fact that its MOQ is relatively high, we offer premium quality customized solid color fabrics at competitive prices.
    Post-treatment, we wash, steam, tenter, and sanforize.
    We can issue transaction certification on organic fabric orders (with a handling charge of 30 USD).

    To place an order:

    1. Submit your order by referring to the colors in the Pantone TPG code, or providing us with a color sample swatch by mail.
    2. We will then create and ship a B/T sample for your approval (allow 10 – 15 business days).
    3. Once you approve of the B/T, we will produce your fabric (allow another 20 – 30 business days).
    4. We will then carefully inspect and inform you about the total output (up to a 10% tolerance).

    About Pricing

    USD per yard, EX-Work (Seoul, Korea) including fabric and processing costs.

    Note, we produce 500yd orders and 1000yd orders through different processes. So, if you order 500yds initially, and re-order 1000yds of the same color, please allow another 10-15 business days to complete the new B/T.

  • Pricing

    • MOQ : 1000 YD
    • Selling USD : 2.70 USD/YD
  • Optional Post-Treatments Availale at Extra Cost