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107 Cotton Canvas image
107 Cotton Canvas image
107 Cotton Canvas image
107 Cotton Canvas image
107 Cotton Canvas image

This is a canvas fabric made of double 10'S and double 7'S yarn. It is a thick and stiff fabric. It is durable and sturdy, and has less sagging than other fabrics, so it is suitable for bags, sports shoes, and eco bags.

Canvas fabric is a dense and thick fabric woven with thick threads. In cotton fiber, 1'S means when 840 yards of thread is pulled out of 1 pound of cotton. So 10'S means 840x10 yards of thread. 10'S and 7'S yarns are very coarse yarns, so you can easily see the texture of the fabric with your eyes. Double means that two strands of thread are joined together, so a double 10'S has a thickness of about 5'S. Cotton is a natural fiber extracted from the cotton plant. It is soft to the touch, comfortable, and has excellent absorbency. In addition, it is used most widely because it has many advantages such as excellent fastness, dyeing properties, and easy management.

Color Guide on this fabric

The color guide fabric includes approx 1400 kinds of CMYK colors. If you set the colors of the digital file according to the color guide, the result would be very similar with your expectation. It is one of the best way to miminize the time for color matching.

color chart image 19.36 USD/PC

107 Cotton Canvas

8.47 ~ 19.36 USD/YD

Average Lead Time : 15 Working Days

Pricing Steps

1 ~ 49 YD
19.36 USD/YD
50 ~ 299 YD
14.96 USD/YD
300 ~ 499 YD
500 YD ~
8.47 USD/YD

If you order more than 50yards per design, the discount will be calculated automatically based on your total order quantity at the checkout.

100% Cotton
308 gram/YD
72 / 40
59.6 Inch


non sheer to less sheer


less flow


non-glossy to less glossy



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