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Silky Amunzen image
Silky Amunzen image
Silky Amunzen image
Silky Amunzen image
Silky Amunzen image

Amunzen has unique small wrinkles spread over the entire surface and its delicate yarns give a silky feel. It has very good drape properties and is thin, with a basis weight of 80~90g, making it a popular material for summer blouses and dresses.

Amunzen is called a pear tree fabric because it has the same pattern as the skin of a pear, and is one of several crepe fabrics. Its name was given by a Japanese textile maker after Roal Amunzen, a Norwegian explorer who succeeded in exploring Antarctica in the early 20th century. It has been named with the idea of a new fabric that seemed impossible at the time, and it is still called the same.

Silky Amunzen

8.25 ~ 14.3 USD/YD

Producing Fabrics : 5 Working Days

Pricing Steps

1 ~ 49 YD
14.3 USD/YD
50 ~ 299 YD
11.33 USD/YD
300 ~ 499 YD
9.46 USD/YD
500 YD ~
8.25 USD/YD

If you order more than 50yards per design, the discount will be calculated automatically based on your total order quantity at the checkout.

Fiber content
100% Polyester
145 gram/YD
Thread Count
171 / 85
57.9 Inch




super drape





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