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As a fabric woven with yarn blended with cotton to improve wrinkles in linen, it is suitable for clothing, table covers, household items, and blinds. Linen blend rate is higher than cotton blend rate and it has a natural feel by adopting a pre-treatment method without bleaching.

Linen is the most widely used plant-based natural fiber along with cotton. There are types of linen such as flax, ramie, hemp, and jute, and this fabric is made from the most commonly used, flax. Among linen materials, flax is currently the most widely used for clothing and daily items, and ramie has been mainly used in summer hanbok under the name 'Moshi'. Hemp is also called 'Sambae' and is used as a funeral shroud rather than general clothing, hemp is also used to make bags or ropes. Linen is crisper to the touch compared to cotton and it does not stick well to the skin, so it is known to be suitable as a material for summer because of a cool, quick drying, and pleasant feeling. In addition, it is hygroscopic and dries well at the same time, so bacteria do not grow easily on it. That is why it is used as dishcloth, where hygiene is important. The biggest drawback of linen is that it wrinkles easily and changes due to sunlight. In order to improve these shortcomings, it is often blended with other types of yarn. As such, this fabric is also made with cotton to increase its utilization.

11 L/C

8.47 ~ 21.12 USD/YD

Making a sample : 10 Working Days

Producing Fabrics : 15 Working Days

Pricing Steps

50 ~ 299 YD
15.84 USD/YD
300 ~ 499 YD
11.77 USD/YD
500 YD ~
8.47 USD/YD

If you order more than 50yards per design, the discount will be calculated automatically based on your total order quantity at the checkout.

Our charge is based on the total amount of fabric. For digital printing only, each design must be at least 50yds.

Prior to production, we offer and ship a sample for color approval. It is free service for our customers and available twice only.

Note, for order cancellation after sampling, the bulk charge will be refunded without sample fee(20USD per design/color)

Fiber content
52.3% Linen 47.7% Cotton
349 gram/YD
Thread Count
58 / 44
55.0 Inch


less sheer


less flow


non-glossy to less glossy



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