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Activewear Feather image
Activewear Feather image
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This is the thinnest and lightest single jersey fabric in the activewear line. As it contains span, it has excellent elasticity. It is widely used for light comfortable spring and summer clothing, and is especially suitable for top sportswear.

Spandex is mainly made of polyurethane, which has about 3 times the strength and lighter than conventional rubber bands. It can be stretched 5~8 times longer than its original length and it also maintains its original shape as well. It is used for activewear clothing and this fabric contains about 7.4%.

Activewear Feather

8.14 ~ 14.3 USD/YD

Producing Fabrics : 5 Working Days

Pricing Steps

1 ~ 49 YD
14.3 USD/YD
50 ~ 299 YD
10.45 USD/YD
300 ~ 499 YD
9.57 USD/YD
500 YD ~
8.14 USD/YD

If you order more than 50yards per design, the discount will be calculated automatically based on your total order quantity at the checkout.

Fiber content
92.6% Polyester 7.4% Spandex
256 gram/YD
Thread Count
54 / 43
59.3 Inch




super drape


less glossy


less stretch to elastic

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