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Create an Order for your custom printed or dyed fabric.

Step 1 : Processing - Flatbed Screen Printing

Vivid colors, and clear shapes and images

Step 2 : Base Fabric - 100% Cotton 60S x 60S 170 x 105 58inch 110g/sqm Satin

This densely-woven satin is a pleasure to touch and is characterized by a slight luster. It is the ideal fabric for elegant bedding and is silky smooth, even though it is made from 100% cotton.

Fixed MOQ Fixed Selling USD
1000 yds 4.50

Step 3 : Upload a Design File and Submit Your Order

Submit your order with a 300dpi PSD or Ai Vector seamless image file. A seamless pattern should be repeatable on a 24” screen.
To ensure color-matching, please list your colors by referring to the Pantone TPG code.

  • Upload a Design File for Printing

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Step 4 : Review Order and Make a Payment